Manchester City blessing for Passover has become a show of antisemitism

A holiday greeting published on the official page of the Manchester City football team, created a wave of anti-Israel reactions from pro-Palestinian surfers.

"Wishing all our Jewish fans a Chag Pessach Samaech!" read a post on the page (23 million followers) on the eve of the holiday, below a photo with three club players and captions in English and Hebrew.

Although it received more than 177,000 likes, the gesture from the group was not received with sympathy and understanding by all surfers, not surprisingly, and soon the post began to garner hostile reactions from pro-Palestinian elements, which included poop emojis and vomiting faces. "Israel has no right to exist. Jews are criminals and murderers of children," other surfers added, as Israeli-Jewish surfers and those who support Palestine developed an emotional dialogue about the State of Israel and Palestine, which of course included the eternal discussion of occupation, Palestinian rights and the right historical narrative.

Despite the storm, no official response was recorded from the team.
Source: Israel hayom