‘Repulsive’ leaflets comparing vaccine to Holocaust sent to police

- Police have been made aware of “repulsive” leaflets which compare vaccines to the Holocaust.

The leaflets, discovered in Bournemouth, compare the UK Government roll-out to Nazi crimes against humanity, saying: “Millions believed in the Nazis. Do you believe in your Government?”

Illustrated with a picture of Bill Gates, it also falsely claims that lockdown is over from next week “for those who do not wish to participate with it any longer.”

The resident who discovered the leaflets on Westbourne’s Grosvenor Road, told Jewish News it was shocking to see.

“To hijack the Holocaust and use the Nazis terrible crimes against humanity as an excuse to level criticism is repulsive to Jews and the general public at large,” he said.

Neighbourhood officers in the area are now looking into the leaflets, saying they want to reassure anyone who may have been affected by seeing them.

Source: Jewish news