Right-wing extremist crimes decreased and racist incidents increased in 2020 in Austria

2020 brought a decline in right-wing extremist crimes and National Socialist re-engagement. On the other hand, the number of racist incidents has increased. This is shown by the answer to a parliamentary question from SP MP Sabine Schatz by Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP). Despite the slight overall decline, Schatz speaks of a "frightening signal", especially since right-wing extremist meetings like the one in Bleiburg could not take place.

In 2020 the Ministry of the Interior registered 801 violations of the National Socialist Prohibition Act, 236 fewer than in 2019. Most of the almost 600 suspects known by name are men - only 44 women were reported for re-activating the National Socialist regime. Most of the reports under the Prohibition Act were in Upper Austria (173) and Vienna (135).

While there was a decrease in right-wing extremist crimes by 100 to 697, the Ministry of the Interior registered an increase in racist attacks (plus 15 to 104, of which 72 were on the Internet). There was also an increase in antisemitic (plus 6 to 36) and Islamophobic acts (plus 9 to 16). In total, however, this results in a decrease in right-wing extremist and racist incidents from 922 to 853.

Source: kurier