Right-wing racist and antisemitic attacks in Berlin 2020

ReachOut, the Berlin counseling center for victims of right-wing, racist and antisemitic violence, presented its documented cases 2020.

At least 493 people were injured and threatened in the past year. ReachOut recorded a total of 357 attacks for 2020 (2019: 390). At least 493 (2019: 509) people were injured, hunted and severely threatened. These include 37 children and 28 young people. 15 children saw their relatives or friends being hit, kicked and pushed.

Justice Senator Dr. Dirk Behrendt : “It is a terrifying finding that such a high level of inhumane violence has been documented. It does not leave me in peace that so many children are affected and have to grow up with these terrible experiences in our city. The work of ReachOut is of great importance for Berlin, because in this way acts are highlighted that otherwise take place largely unnoticed by the public."


Source: ReachOut