Second daubing calling UK a ‘Zionist police state’ discovered in east London

- Police are investigating a second instance of graffiti in east London in a matter of days branding the UK a “Zionist police state”.

The daubing appeared in Tower Hamlets on Chambord Street, a day after authorities said they were investigating similar vandalism in Shoreditch.

“Police were alerted at around 18:45hrs on 2 March to graffiti sprayed on a wall on Chambord Street.”

Officers contacted Tower Hamlets Council that has since removed the graffiti. There were no arrests.”

This comes after graffiti was discovered on Rothbury Road near the Queen’s Yard in Hackney Wick.

Police said it is “aware of it and contacted the council to get it removed as a matter of urgency.”

The spokesperson did not say if the two incidents are linked.

Source: Jewish news