Streetart antisemitic revamp

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
- The image of a kneeling girl with eyes lowered, located at the Bösebrücke in Prenzlauer Berg, was antisemitic marked and redesigned.

With white paint, the girl was painted a star of David on her head and a syringe on her forearm. This should probably refer to the vaccination against SARS CoV-2 In addition, several lettering on and off the picture and in close proximity to signs were attached. For example, there was ′′You're going to be stupid", ′′You hate Germans′′ and ′′Gender = Poison".

The last-mentioned smear, the conspiracy myth is taken up that Jews are behind the so-called "gender ideology". They would try to reverse heteronormativity through re-education in order to lower the birth rate of white populations. This myth is associated with right-wing extremist ideas of the "Great Exchange"

Source: RIAS Berlin