An email with antisemitic content was sent to an institution in Munich

A Munich institution of youth work received an email, which hardly omits an antisemitic image.

In the text, various forms of antisemitism blend together, which should explain the entire history of human beings along the ′"Jewish world conspiracy" that has been colported for centuries.

It is claimed that "the Jews" have been waging war against Germany for "over a hundred years". Zionism pursues "the conquest of world domination", "essences of Judaism" are ′′revenge and insatiable greed", "Jewish law" would ban a "mixing" of different cultures.

Israel would also "massacre" Palestinians and act as warmongers worldwide and especially in the Middle East. Israel is denounced the right to exist, antisemitism is "fiction" and the shoah is called "fairytale", "lie", and "manslaughter argument".

A self-painted image was added as an attachment showing Angela Merkel sailing herself from an exploding ship with a German flag to Israel. The representation points to the claim that the German Chancellor is Jewish and therefore cannot be loyal to the German people. Their agenda or mission is to destroy Germany.

Such e-mails with mostly very long texts are often sent massively and reach individuals, institutions and people from politics and the press.

Source: RIAS Bayern