Antisemitic message spray-painted outside SW Miami-Dade cement plant

Miami, FL
- South Floridians expressed outrage and concern after the wall of a cement plant was defaced with an antisemitic message, the latest act of vandalism in a troubling trend.

The phrase “Communism is Judaism” was spray-painted on the outer wall of the plant located along the 7300 block of Southwest 48th Street in Southwest Miami-Dade, along with a web address linked to an anti-Semitic video sharing site.

It’s not the first time the message has been spotted in the area. In late March, Shoshana Bicky was among those who called police when she spotted the graffiti in a different location in Southwest Miami-Dade.

The vandalism outside the cement plant remained on display for days, but when officials with the concrete company caught a glimpse, a representative spray-painted over it.

Source: wsvn