"Heil Hitler" and swastika: A Zoom lecture on the Holocaust interrupted

Turkish hackers interrupted an online lecture delivered from Israel that dealt with the Holocaust of the Jews of France in World War II. They entered the zoom conversation and among other things read "Heil Hitler" and drew pictures of a swastika on the common screen.

It was zoom lecture by the main library of Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut, delivered by the Holocaust researcher, author and expert on French culture, Dr. Maya Gaz. Several dozen surfers participated.

During the lecture, a Turkish hacker "burst into conversation" and called Heil Hitler. He uploaded the swastika against the background of a picture of Georges Loanze, a Jew and a fighter in the French underground who saved hundreds of children in the Holocaust (he is the aunt of the singer Yardana Arazi). Event organizers managed to get the hacker out of the zoom call, but others joined in and took over the call. Following this, the lecture was stopped.

"They played music out loud and it was impossible to silence them," said Dr. Gaz. "Having no choice, we had to end the lecture in the middle and close the zoom. I am 42 years old, I have lived in Paris for 10 years and I am a Holocaust researcher who deals with it every day, and I have never witnessed anti-Semitism. It's awful to experience that. "

Source: ynet