Man shouts antisemitic slogans and made a Hitler salute

Reinickendorf, Berlin
- A man shouted antisemitic and right-wing extremist slogans in Reinickendorf.

According to the police, witnesses alerted the emergency services to a neighborhood dispute in Kienhorststrasse. When the police arrived, the 60-year-old have bared his butt . He shown the Hitler salute to the emergency services and declared that he did not care about the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany . Then the 60-year-old shouted antisemitic and National Socialist slogans . Even his wife was apparently unable to reassure him.

The police said they had arrested him, handcuffed him, and took him a few meters away. There he insulted the police officers and continued shouting slogans . Police officers put him in police custody overnight. He was charged on suspicion of using marks of unconstitutional organizations and insulting him. 

The Police report

Source: Tagesspiegel