Mural dedicated for Liliana Segre smeared with the writing "Dux"

Ariano Irpino
- A few hours from April 25, Liberation Day from Nazi-Fascism, the mural dedicated to Liliana Segre, senator for life but above all witness and Holocaust survivor and recently elected President of the Parliamentary Commission against hatred, was smeared with insulting writings. The incident took place in Ariano Irpino, one of the largest and most populous municipalities in Irpinia, therefore in the province of Avellino.

The mural was created on March 8 by writer Alex Shot on the initiative of the Fidapa association, committed to promoting and supporting women's initiatives in the fields of arts, professions and business. someone wrote "Dux" (or duce, historically leader in the Army of ancient Rome but in modern and sad times the epithet with which Benito Mussolini claimed to be defined, "Duce of Fascism").

With the black spray to smear the blue background that contrasts the image of Segre and his sentence " Indifference is more guilty than violence itself" also draw some lines perhaps a clumsy attempt to create a Nazi swastika.

The mayor of Ariano Irpino, Enrico Franza , who published a post with the photo of the smeared mural, denounced the incident last night:

Source: fanpage