Nazi recruitment stickers found at Temple Israel

Omaha, NE
- Omaha police are investigating as a hate crime the posting of neo-Nazi recruitment stickers on two poles outside Temple Israel in west Omaha.

Nate Shapiro, executive director of Temple Israel, said surveillance video from Friday shows a man walking a dog around the Tri-Faith Initiative campus just south of 132nd and Pacific Streets about 3 p.m. The man can be seen placing the approximately 4-by-6-inch stickers on two poles outside the synagogue.

“He took about a 10-minute walk around the building, but there’s no real property damage,” Shapiro said Wednesday. “What is sad is that one person can cause that kind of anxiety. We don’t think that this incident is reflective of the city we live in.”

Shapiro said the surveillance video and photos of the perpetrator are not being released yet because police are still investigating. Temple Israel is a Reform Jewish congregation of 642 families. 

Source: ketv