Omaha man cited for posting antisemitic stickers outside Temple Israel

Jonathan Ziegler
Nebraska antifascists Twitter
The man caught on video posting antisemitic stickers outside Omaha's Temple Israel faces misdemeanor citations for damage to property and hate intimidation, according to police records obtained by KETV NewsWatch 7.

Jonathan Ziegler, 30, allegedly is seen on security camera video placing stickers on utility poles near the Southwest Omaha temple on April 23rd.

"It was a sticker... which said 'End debt slavery' and it had an image of a guy breaking chains, and the chains was a Star of David," said Nate Shapiro, executive director of Temple Israel.

"The implication being that Jews are the reason debt exists," said Shapiro.

Shapiro says he sought to speak with Ziegler rather than pursue charges against him, but he says Omaha police told him Ziegler rejected the offer.

"If I can reach out to this guy to show him, 'Hey, I see you, I understand that you likely have some circumstance in your life that's leading you to this idealogy,'" said Shapiro.

Attempts to reach Ziegler Wednesday were unsuccessful.

Source: ketv