Policeman in Frankfurt asked for a Jewish ID

Thomas Daniel Kalman at Opernplatz
Photo: Andreas Arnold
- The incident came as a shock to Thomas Daniel Kalman. On Good Friday at 19:00, the head of the agency firm crossed the Opernplatz square, talking on the phone and removing his mask. “Suddenly someone hit me hard on my left shoulder from behind, grabbed and turned me around,” the 33-year-old told BILD.

There were 5 policemen in front of the young man. “They said that I didn’t react to their remark to wear a mask. This is true. I spoke on the phone, it was noisy in the square, I did not hear anything.

I was so shocked by the excessive cruelty that I asked if it was really necessary, because the year is not 1933. As a rule, I do not say such things. However, the situation reminded me of this, ”explained Thomas Daniel Kalman According to him, after that the law enforcement officer looked at him even more aggressively. “I explained to him that I was a Jew. Then he asked: "Where is your Jewish identity card?" and laughed sarcastically. I was completely confused, showed him my Star of David pendant chain and explained: “You are a Jew by birth if your mother is Jewish,” the man continued.

According to Daniel, the policeman did not answer, but instead began comparing the data over the phone. “Meanwhile, people gathered around us. The officer listened to his colleagues on the phone, laughed again, and then said so loudly that everyone could hear: "So this is a completely innocent citizen ..." - he noted.

In a statement filed by Thomas Daniel K. to the police, it is noted that the law enforcement officer thus tried to make the victim a criminal in the eyes of others. 

Source: bild