Research finds antisemitism far more prevalent in MAGA world

Tufts professor Eitan Hersh ran a survey through YouGov to try to find where antisemitic attitudes are most prevalent with political identity. Here’s the abstract:

“Concern about antisemitism in the U.S. has grown following recent rises in deadly assaults, vandalism, and harassment. Public accounts of antisemitism have focused on both the ideological right and left. 

However, there is little quantitative research evaluating left-wing versus right-wing antisemitism. Building on theories of social identity, racial competition, and affective partisanship, we examine antisemitic attitudes across the ideological spectrum and across demographic cohorts. We conduct several experiments on an original survey of 3,500 U.S. adults, including a large oversample of adults ages 18-30. We find evidence of prejudice on the ideological left and among racial minority groups, but the data clearly show the epicenter of antisemitic attitudes is young adults on the far right. Unlike social identities that are closely aligned with ideology and partisanship, Jewish identity remains an outgroup to Americans across typical political divides, resulting in diverse forms of prejudice.”

“Research on right-wing antisemitism focuses on beliefs that Jews are disloyal – both to America and to the white race – and that they are too powerful. American Jews are distinctive in that they are high in socio-economic status and mostly identify as white, but unlike others with those attributes, they are liberal in their social views and supportive of racial equality and immigration (Smith and Schapiro 2019; Smith 2013). In the far-right mentality, Jews are viewed as people pretending to be white – ‘a faux-white race that has tainted America’ – or disloyal white people – ‘the ultimate betrayers of the white race.'”

Source: nationalzero