Suspects of planning a massacre in the Jewish community in Tucumán arrested

Photo: Argentine Federal Police
San Miguel de Tucumán
- Two people were arrested on Friday in the Argentine province of Tucumán when they planned to carry out a terrorist attack against the local Jewish community, hours before Shabbat began.

Weapons, Nazi literature and artifacts used by the suspects to act as liaisons with hate groups were found in his possession, they are being held in a federal authorities detention center.

The federal prosecutor Pablo Camona explained that the two suspects were detained in a department located in the provincial capital of San Miguel de Tucumán and in a village called El Manantiel.

Investigators began work after the Argentine Jewish organization DAIA in Buenos Aires last year filed a complaint for hate speech on WhatsApp and Telegram applications, which involved planning acts of aggression and intimidation against people and institutions of the Jewish community in Tucumán. This was stated on behalf of the prosecution.

The arrest came after announcements were made about plans for an attack to be carried out in Tucumán on Saturday, leading to arrests on Friday by the Federal Police's Terrorism Investigation Department.

According to local media reports, around a dozen different firearms were seized, along with Nazi equipment. Cell phones, computers and memory cards were removed from the scene and sent to criminal laboratories for further examination, which will allow the investigation to continue.

Source: itongadol