"The Jews of the III Reich got used to the concentration camps": shameful editorial in a Spanish newspaper

The writer and columnist of 'Público' 
David Torres.- JAIRO VARGAS  

An editorial in a Spanish newspaper generated repudiation after spreading phrases such as "The Jews of the Third Reich got used to concentration camps."

It was published is the Spainish newspaper Público, by the writer David Torres.

Entitled "Ayuso va hacia arriba", it used comparisons such as "The Jews of the Third Reich got used to the concentration camps, the Soviet dissidents to the Siberian gulag, the Madrid citizens to the PP, and so on."

The curious thing, in addition to the reprehensible anti-Semitic tinge, is that it was spread on social networks with that phrase and not with the title of the note.

Immediately, a huge number of users expressed their condemnation of the publication.

Matther Bennett, a Spanish journalist, said: «How is it possible to write 'Jews got used to concentration camps'? How baseness ”.

The president of the Friday Club (Movement in defense of civil liberties, property rights and the limited State), Roberto Granda, was blunt: «I imagine having to sign something like that with my first and last name and I it shakes the whole body ».

"Absolutely despicable" was the comment of Israeli journalist Yoni Michanie. The ACOM organization also posted: "You have to go down a lot, but a lot, to reach the moral quagmire in which Público moves with ease."

David Torres apologize

Source: visavis