The president of the DAIA received death threat

Jorge Knoblovits
Buenos Aires
- DAIA President Jorge Knoblovits, rreceived a new death threat, reason why the Ministry of Security extended his physical custody during the 24 hours, with intervention of the Antiterrorist Division of the Federal Police.

As it had done with the previous threat that the leader received last January, the institution filed a judicial complaint, which this time will investigate the federal judge Sebastián Casanello. The above complaint is filed in court number 5, of Maria Eugenia Capuchetti.

Clarion obtained the content of the new message from sources investigating the case.

“Fucking hell they’re not going to scare us. Nobody believes the holo-story. We are the true humanity. The Humanity of the Dragon. You do not create reality. I’m going to kill you if you try to touch me. Sieg Heil Humanity! LPLSH 卐 Get ready, the blow is coming We are prepared not to be more manipulated with their fucking laws of shit. “

Judicial sources said that Knoblovits received this threat by WhatsApp message, while the previous one was through a handwritten letter, at times of disjointed content, that someone left at the institution’s headquarters, in Pasteur at 600.

Justice is now investigating whether it is a threat from a particular subject or comes from an organization. While it was sent from a cell phone with a private number, this could have been stolen.

The WhatsApp message contains the German phrase Sieg Heil which means “hail, long live, eternal (the) victory. This expression it was used in political encounters during Nazi Germany. Usually, the speaker said Sieg and from the audience he replied with emphasis and three times, Heil, Heil, Heil!

Source: clarin