"They'll murder us and then take over." The councilor from Olecko "explained" who is responsible for the pandemic

Janina Anuszkiewicz 
 Photo: Zbigniew Malinowski
- Janina Anuszkiewicz, Olecka councilor and chairman of the city health committee, has a theory about the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines. And unfortunately she did not leave it for herself.

Ms Janina, who became a councilor thanks to her popularity after her appearance in the "Farmer is looking for a wife" program, combined a whole series of conspiracy theories into one mega theorie.

According to her, Bill Gates, the chief leader of pharmaceutical companies and other Jews, thanks to vaccinations, want to kill 90% of humanity and take over the world.

- We should do something about it because it is a very serious matter. These vaccinations are in preparation for a 90 percent reduction in the human population, she said at the Complaints and Petitions Committee meeting.

Then she continued on.

- Bill Gates is the main leader of the pharmaceutical companies, which is the main mafioso who administers all these vaccines. This is fixed, and oddly enough, they showed on TV how they vaccinate the Jews. They just got vaccinations and there are no complications, we don't hear anything because they got placebo or some vitamins. However, these vaccines are very harmful. They weaken the human immune system.

Developers from the capital are also apparently taking part in the global conspiracy.

There are housing estates in Warsaw and they are empty, uninhabited. They are waiting for the Jews. They will murder us and then take over. The Jews have not yet recognized Jesus, they are the chosen people and are waiting for the coming of the Messiah. It is known what the origins of Bill Gates and those others are. They do everything so that it is them who rule the world, just as Hitler did for the Aryan race to rule the world. I say it in a very telegraphic shortcut, but also scientists, great people, talk about it.
Source: aszdziennik