Virtual Easter Sunday service hacked; culprits spew racist, homophobic and antisemitic speech

San Jose, CA
- A portion of an Easter Morning worship service that was being live-streamed over Zoom, was infiltrated by people spewing racist, homophobic and antisemitic slurs.

The Senior Pastor at Grace Baptist Church (GBC) in San Jose told ABC7 News, he believes the five minute-tirade took aim at him.

After censoring the obscene language, ABC7 viewers will notice the dozens of "beeps" throughout the Zoom recording. Each covers a barrage of profanities heard in real-time by those attending Easter Sunday worship service.

"Fuck the fucking Jews, man. Send Jews to the concentration camp and gas all the fucking stinky Jews," one of the hackers is heard saying.

"They had a purpose. This church hires a gay, Black pastor... They come and spew profanity about Black people and LGBTQ persons," Reverend George Oliver said. "And on the last day of Passover, talk about gassing Jews? So, I don't think this is some kind of coincidence."

Reverend Oliver started as Senior Pastor on March 1. He said he recognizes Grace Baptist as the most progressive church in the city, which he understands has made it prone to criticism.

About Sunday's Zoom hack, he said, "It was vile and repugnant. Not only was it Easter, which is the highest of holidays for the Christians, it was the last day of Passover. It was also the day that Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated."

Oliver explained that he is a 7th-generation Texan, and added, "I've heard all of these stereotypes, but not all at once."

"These were people who had harbored ill will towards African Americans, Jews, LatinX people and others in our community," he continued. "And the LGBTQ community especially."

"F*** f*****s, f*** t******s. I could stick a screwdriver up a n*****s a**," the hackers said during the live-stream.

Now Oliver is calling on Zoom to better monitor its platform.

"Zoom has to understand that the abuse of their platform has to be managed, and the people who are doing this, have to be removed from that platform," he said.

Source: abc7news