Wave of violence against Jews in Tunisia - "Sponsored by the government"

- Serious attack on the Jewish community in Djerba, Tunisia.

Two local men arrived in the Jewish quarter and strangled for minutes a Jewish girl in her twenties, near the gate of her home.

Luckily for the woman, a passerby who noticed what was happening managed to smuggle the two unidentified people whose identities are not yet known to the police. The community says this affair is one result of a routine and violent discourse towards the Jewish community in Tunisia, which began with the controversial remarks of Tunisian President Case Side last January.

The attack took place in broad daylight, near the girl's home in the Jewish Quarter on the island of Djerba. When the police arrived at the scene, the police claimed that it might have been an attempted robbery, which reinforces among the community members the feeling that the police are also acting against the Jews.

Also last week, there was an assault case against a 10-year-old Jewish boy, a resident of the neighborhood, who was beaten by a local resident of Muslim descent. As in the present case, his identity has not yet been revealed by the police.

In the Jewish community of about 1,500 people, it was reported that the police have been harassing Jewish drivers for some time, and that a senior police officer even told one of the community members that Jews are not receiving the proper treatment and treatment for recent assaults, and that only international pressure can help change the situation.

Source: ynet