1,075 right-wing crimes in March in Germany

There were 1,075 right-wing crimes in March of this year. 45 of them were acts of violence. 29 people were injured. The Federal Government announced this in its answer to a request from the parliamentary group Die Linke.

The criminal offenses can be assigned to different phenomena. 684 of the acts were propaganda offenses, 146 incitement to hatred, 96 insults, twelve public threats of criminal offenses, two disturbances of the public peace through threats of criminal offenses and once the denigration of constitutional organs.

Of the total of 45 acts of violence, 37 were bodily harm, six were resistance crimes, one was arson and another was dangerous interference with shipping, air, rail and road traffic. No fatality was recorded in the acts.

350 of the offenses were also classified as “hate crime”. 342 offenses are attributed to a xenophobic background, 123 to an anti-Semitic background. A total of 480 suspects were identified. An arrest warrant has been issued against one person. From January to March a total of 3,467 crimes of right-wing crime were recorded.