2020 Antisemitism report in Bavaria

In 2020, the research and information office Antisemitism Bavaria (RIAS Bavaria) recorded 239 antisemitic incidents in the free state (Freistaat), 55 more than in the previous year. The rise of conspiracy ideologically shaped incidents in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is particularly worrying. This is apparent from the annual report ′′Anti-Semitic Incidents in Bavaria 2020′′ presented by RIAS Bayern in Munich.

RIAS Bayern documented an attack, ten threats, 13 targeted property damage, 27 mass writings and 188 cases of hurtful behavior. Striking is the high number of 108 incidents that have been related to the coronavirus pandemic. For example, an announcement at the University of Bayreuth informing about coronavirus measures was smeared in the words ′′Jew World Order", a variation of the conspiracy ideological term of an alleged ′′New World Order".

′′In 2020, antisemitism expressed more openly than usual in public as part of coronavirus demonstrations. Antisemitism can be seen as a connecting element of the conspiracy ideological scene where people of all political couples gather together ", said RIAS Bavaria leader Annette Seidel-Arpac─▒. At the same time, the daily antisemitism, which was there before Corona and which is a foundation for the antisemitic content on the demos, must be kept in mind, ' said Seidel-Arpac─▒.

Source: RIAS Bayern