428 antisemitic crimes reported in in Germany in the first quarter

In the first quarter of 2021, two people in Germany were slightly injured as a result of politically motivated crimes with an antisemitic background. Both crimes were assigned to politically right-wing motivated crime, as can be seen from the response of the Federal Government (19/29479 ) on a small question of the parliamentary group Die Linke (19/28951 ) can also be found.

From the beginning of January to the end of March this year, as of April 26, 428 crimes with an antisemitic background were reported, including six acts of violence. The politically motivated crime accounted for five of the violent crimes and 387 other crimes, the phenomenon of "politically motivated crime - foreign ideology" one violent act and one other offense and the phenomenon of "politically motivated crime - religious ideology" two other crimes, while a further 32 other crimes were “not attributable”.

According to the submission, a total of 218 suspects have so far been identified for these 428 criminal offenses. Two people have been arrested and an arrest warrant has been issued, the response said. According to the submission, the figures quoted are provisional, and "sometimes considerable changes" are possible due to late reports and change reports.

Source: Bundestag