A sharp rise in antisemitism on the internet

Following the events in Israel, there has been a sharp rise in antisemitic discourse in the monitored networks in recent days - the level of discourse and the number of posts has increased four times compared to the normal level, and in some languages ​​also 7 and 8 times compared to the previous week.

The main discourse concerns the new category of antisemitism, namely the demonization of the State of Israel, its comparison to Nazi Germany, the comparison of the security forces to Nazi soldiers, claims that Israel is carrying out ethnic cleansing, the comparison of tear gas in dispersing demonstrations to gas chambers and more.

In addition, Israeli leaders are compared to blood-sucking vampires - and Jews in general are portrayed as child murderers and blood lovers (a familiar image of antisemitism from the Middle Ages).

Among the plethora of Pike News on the Internet, you can find posts accusing Israel of "marking" the homes of Israeli Arabs so that rioting gangs can harass them. "During the Holocaust, Nazis marked Jewish homes with yellow badges," wrote one tweeter. "Today the Zionists mark the homes of Arabs so that Zionist gangs will come later and beat them to death."

You can also find pictures of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as a bloodthirsty vampire - and under the word "murderer". Posts claiming that for the sake of "world peace, Israel must be destroyed." An antisemitic cartoon depicting a Jew with a religious appearance taking over Arab Jerusalem, and a repeated depiction of Israel as a child killer.

100,000 antisemitic posts have been detected by the Ministry of Diaspora's antisemitism monitoring system in the last four days, of which 1,260 are explicit calls for violence against Jews and Israel. Following the events, a number of synagogues on German soil were vandalized.

Yogev Ksrasanti, director of the fight against antisemitism at the Ministry of Diaspora, says that "unfortunately, the attacks on Israel serve as a pretext for antisemitic elements in the world to attack Jews, under the guise of criticizing Israel. New conspiracy theories, Pike News To the State of Israel. "

"It is important to understand that some of the demonstrations against Israel are not held in the city square, but in front of the synagogues, in order to convey that Jews and Israel are one sequence and all Jews are 'guilty'. This is violence under the guise of freedom of expression. "It is relevant around the clock. We will continue to work on the issue to help our brothers overseas, this is our moral and ethical duty. The Jewish people are strong in Israel and in the Diaspora."

Racheli Baratz - Riks, head of the World Zionist Organization's Anti-Semitism and Community Resilience Department, said that "the right to demonstrate against government policy is a legitimate right, but crossing the line and antisemitic reactions are not acceptable, and crossing a dangerous red line can lead to slippery slopes. "A call for the beheading of Jews and injuries to the soul are not responses that can be passed on to the agenda, and should be condemned."

Source: YNET