Antisemitic attack in Munich city center

Munich - A man from Berlin, on an outdoor terrace of the “Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom” inn insulted and hit a Berliner antisemitically.

The 44-year-old attacker suddenly punched the 33-year-old Berliner around 8 p.m. in the face, the police said on Wednesday. After the Berliner went down, the attacker sat on him and put several fingers in his mouth. He called "Jew pig" and "shit hipster".

A companion of the victim was able to pull the attacker away. The police reported the 44-year-old for sedition, assault and insult. He had already attracted similar insults in the past year. The 33-year-old got away with a bloody lip. He is not a Jew. His black baseball cap was apparently taken for a kippah by the perpetrator.

The state security of the Munich police took over the investigation.