Antisemitic postings on the Austrian ministry of the Interior Facebook page after memorial day

At a memorial on May 4, 2021 in the Gusen concentration camp memorial in Upper Austria, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer announced the purchase of the remaining parts of the former concentration camp.

"76 years after Austria's liberation from the National Socialists, the Austrian Federal Government is sending a visible sign of remembrance by purchasing properties from the former Gusen concentration camp," declared the Minister.

At least 71,000 people from 30 countries were imprisoned in the Gusen concentration camp between 1939 and 1945. With a high of around 25,000 prisoners, it was the largest concentration camp in Austria. In contrast to the Mauthausen concentration camp, it was quickly forgotten after 1945.

A photo and a memorial article were posted on the Facebook page of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. This resulted in numerous comments that played down the Holocaust or questioned the need for a contemporary culture of remembrance. Various postings were clearly declared antisemitic. In some cases, the interior minister was also threatened.

Nehammer announced zero tolerance: "Social media are not an unlawful area, the Austrian legal system also applies there, the aim of which is to protect people in this country from hate speech and violence. I stand for zero tolerance for antisemitic hate speech, like you Unfortunately, in the past few days they can be found more and more on social media, "emphasized the Interior Minister.

Source: heute