Arabs burn and beat Jews in Midtown Manhattan

Manhattan, NY - A Jewish man was burned in his car from two fireworks that were thrown at him from a car belonging to Arab rioters during a solidarity with Gaza demonstration in the diamond district on west 47th Street in Manhattan around 7 PM on Thursday, the NYPD reported. Meanwhile, wilding Arab groups were scanning the streets of the city in search of “Zionists.”

The Israel Files twitted: “The type of vile disinformation spread over the past two weeks across social media, the incitement and antisemitic comments made by notable members of Congress, and the doctored photos aimed at vilifying the Jewish people and the State of Israel have led to this situation in NYC, to the likes of the Hadids & Shaun King who posted vile lies; to Trevor Noah and John Oliver who whitewashed terror threats from a terror organization dedicated to the annihilation of the Jewish people; to members of the ‘Squad’ and multiple media outlets: you contributed to this.”
The tweet continued: “The comments only reinforce this point: (a) peddling more disinformation about Al-Aqsa and claiming Israel is committing genocide; (b) those complaining about and denying our assertion, as Jews from Judea, that there is an inextricable link between Jews and Israel are doing so on a thread showing Jews, with no identifiable connection to Israel, being attacked in the heavily Jewish Diamond District.”

Former NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind tweeted a partial list of places where Jews have been attacked in the Western world in response to those vile bits of disinformation: Toronto, NYC, LA, DC, Seattle, S. Florida, Germany, and London.
Source: Jewish press