May 01, 2021

British Labour Party suspends 14 members over alleged antisemitism

The Labour Party in Britain suspended 14 members, including seven lawmakers from the Cambridge area, for alleged antisemitic rhetoric.

A Conservative Party spokesperson said his party also will suspend a Cambridge politician for similar remarks.

The Labor lawmakers are on the government councils of the City of Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire, municipalities situated about 50 miles north of London, the Jewish News reported Wednesday.

The report neither specified what the councilors had said, wrote or done to prompt the allegation, nor how they reacted to it.

The Conservative councilor had shared on social media an article that claimed Israel was carrying out a “Final Solution” in Gaza, the report said.

Spokespeople for Labour and the Conservatives said the suspensions were part of policy of zero tolerance toward antisemitic rhetoric in their ranks.

Source: JTA