Chelsea issue 10-year ban to individual over antisemitic messages posted online

According to a statement released on the club’s official website, Chelsea have issued a 10-year long ban for a fan for posting antisemitic messages online.

The club mentioned that they carried out their own proceedings against the individual after court hearings concluded in February 2021. And, the Blues have reached the decision of banning the individual for a decade from the club.

Neither the abusive message nor the fan’s name was included in the statement. It went on to mention the club’s unwavering commitment towards spreading the message of equality and their intolerance towards discrimination.

The statement concludes by mentioning that the club will continue to take actions against individuals who harm the values of the club.
This is indeed a big statement from the club and has come at just the right time. English clubs across the land are joining hands to carry out a social media blackout campaign in order to stand up against online abuse.

A number of footballers have been victims of racist abuse online recently and the English footballing authorities and clubs have decided to take a collective stand against the leniency of major social media accounts when dealing with such transgressors.
Chelsea, along with other Premier League clubs, have taken a stand against racism by boycotting social media. (imago Images)

This step by the club would serve an important message to footballing fans that take advantage of online anonymity to hurl abusive messages towards others and not just footballers.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and Chelsea are one of the most famous names globally. And so it becomes important that the club step to the fore when situations like these arise; which they have done on this instance.