Chinese embassy in Tokyo deletes antisemitic, anti-US tweet after backlash from Japanese Twitter users

China’s embassy in Tokyo has deleted antisemitic tweet that portrayed the US as death knocking on the door of Muslim countries after it triggered a war of words with Japanese Twitter users.

The cartoon, posted late on Thursday afternoon, features the Grim Reaper, dressed in the Stars and Stripes, knocking on Egypt’s door, while the doors behind, namely Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, are open with blood pouring from the doorway.

The embassy wrote in Japanese, “If the United States brought ‘democracy’, it would be like this.”

It also employed classic antisemitic tropes with the inclusion of the Star of David on the Grim Reaper’s scythe - a detail largely overlooked by the Japanese who responded.

However, the tweet, posted late Thursday afternoon, provoked a backlash from Japanese Twitter users.

One user responded with the well-known Tank Man photo of a lone man standing in front of a column of tanks near Tiananmen Square in June 1989. “This is what happens when you bring ‘democracy’ to China,” the user wrote in the Japanese tweet, which attracted 6,200 likes.

Another user posted an adapted version of the cartoon in which Death was dressed in the Chinese flag and was knocking on the door of Taiwan while the doors behind -Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong -are opened while doors marked Okinawa and Hokkaido remain closed.

“I thought my stomach would collapse,” the user wrote in Japanese, “The embassy itself is doing this. You have a wonderful sense of humour. You’ve got a great sense of humour.”

Source: scmp