Dutch football player shouted antisemitic words during celebration party of his Belgian club

Noa Lang
- Dutch football player Noa Lang from Belgiums’ Club Brugge Noa Lang is under fire after he was heard shouting antisemitic words in a video circulated on social networks.

‘’Liever dood in Sporting-Jood, (‘’Rather die than be a Sporting Jew’’) he sang during a celebration party with his fans after his club won its 17TH Belgian football title by sharing a 3-3 win against Brussel’s Sporting Club Anderlecht.

Anderlecht fans are often called “Jews” by their rivals from Bruges. The same applies to the fans of Ajax Amsterdam, Lang’s former team.
This is not the first time Club Brugge has been criticised for antisemitic chants. In April 2019, Brugge fans had chanted “Who doesn’t jump is Jewish”. In August 2018, Bruges fans also chanted “My parents burned Jews, because Jews burn better”.

The video drew a reactions from politicians. The leader of the French-speaking liberal party George Louis Bouchez, who wrote on twitter that he expects an apology from the player and a sanction against the club from the Belgian football union. ‘’Associating the sworn enemy with the Jews. Drunk or not. I will never accept,’’ he said.

Also on Twitter, the co-president of the Green party Rajae Maouane condemned the player. “These words chanted with impunity are unacceptable. These calls to hatred must be firmly sanctioned. The fight against antisemitism must continue in the world of football and in society,” she wrote.

Faced with the controversy, Club Brugge later reacted in a press release. ‘’Noa Lang has been an Ajax player for years. He has repeatedly stated that he is a Amsterdam supporter. Yet their supporters also proudly wear the nickname ‘the Jews’. Noa Lang singing with our supporters Thursday’s evening after winning the national title has absolutely nothing antisemitic.”

Then, the club apologized by saying “Noa didn’t want to hurt or offend anyone in any way. We are sorry if that is the case. The club are committed to inclusion and diversity. The whole great family of Club Brugge now hopes to continue. celebrating our title in a positive way.”

Source: ejpress