Jewish woman in Leipzig threatened and attacked by her neighbor

Leipzig Coral Guter, a 26-year-old woman, originally from Israel, is insulted, threatened and even attacked in an antisemitic manner by a neighbor.

According to the reports, the resident is said to have noticed that Coral was telephoning in Hebrew and then attacked her violently. She not only insulted Coral, but also tried to block her way into her own apartment and later, when she was back in her apartment, to break open the door and get inside.

Coral called the police, but the attacks by the neighbor did not stop even after the officers appeared for the first time. Only after a second police came, Coral and a friend could have left the apartment and spent the night elsewhere. The Leipzig police confirmed that the state security has now taken over the investigation into the case.

But after the incident, Coral apparently does not want to go back to her apartment or to the city, as she reported on social media, which the newspaper cites. “Even 48 hours later, I still can't sleep or stop thinking about the incident. I'm scared, nervous, and upset. How can such an attack happen even in 2021? ”, She wrote there.

Source: rnd