Austria - Man assaulted on Austrian train for calling out Holocaust denial

- A 32 year-old man was assaulted on an Austrian train for calling out two men who were loudly denying the Holocaust.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred on a train between the towns of Amstetten and Pöchlar. They were apparently talking about the Middle East conflict, and in addition to denying the Holocaust they were using antisemitic expression. One of them was also not wearing a mask, which is mandatory.

Annoyed by the conversation, one of the passengers, a 32-year-old man from Linz and asked the two men to be quiet, which resulted at first in the two men behaving more calmly.

However, when the train stopped at the Ybbs station, one of them approached the man from Linz and punched him in the face three times, allegedly saying that the victim was “a Jew and that he himself was not a terrorist.”

The two men, described by the victim as in their early to mid-30s and presumably of Middle Eastern origin, subsequently left the train.

The victim was able to take a blurred photo of one of the assailants. Absurdly, one of them also gave his phone number to a woman on the train, which the victim then handed over to the police.

Source: eurojewcong