More than 300% increase in antisemitic incidents in recent days, minister tells MPs in the UK

Robert Jenrick
There has been a more than 300 per cent increase in antisemitic incidents reported in recent days, a cabinet minister has told MPs.

Robert Jenrick, the communities secretary, also denounced a series of attacks that took place over the weekend as “racist and extremely serious crimes”.

He told the Commons: “No-one could fail to be appalled by the disgraceful scenes of antisemitic abuse being directed at members of the Jewish community in the past week.

In London, activists drove through Golders Green and Finchley, both areas with large Jewish populations, apparently shouting antisemitic abuse through a megaphone.

“These are intimidatory, racist and extremely serious crimes.”

He also had strong words for the police, saying he never expected to see on the streets of London people holding signs “apparently with impunity, saying ‘death to Jews’”.

He said that the home secretary Priti Patel would speak to police to ensure action can be taken as fast as possible in the future.

He also told MPs that police would undertake extra patrols in parts of London targeted this weekend.

“We must ensure that this is a country in which our Jewish friends and neighbours feel safe – and I’m sure the whole House will send a strong message today of support and reassurance to them,” he said.

Source: independent