Poland - Antisemitic graffiti near the Jewish community in Łódź

- The fight against vulgar insults between the hooligans of Widzew and ŁKS (Football teams) is in full swing. One of the places where you can read all the spray-written dialogues about what one thinks about one another is the revitalized Wschodnia Street. The region is considered to be under the influence of ŁKS fans, but from time to time there are guest appearances there by fans of a competing club, who leave obscene souvenirs on the walls.

The slogans "Fuking Jews" (Jebać Żydów), written in the same handwriting, appeared in various places - mainly at the gates - on Wschodnia Street. One of tham was painted on the main facade of the tenement house at number 41, right next to the entrance to a large specialist clinic.