Poles react to Meron disaster: 'The less Jews there are, the better for the world'

As the Jewish People mourns for the 45 victims of the catastrophe that occurred in Meron on Lag b’Omer, many Poles have expressed their delight at “a world with less Jews in it.”

The Polish news site Interia.pl, one of the largest and most popular news sites in Poland, published an article on the Meron disaster and the national day of mourning declared in its aftermath. Although the site’s editors included a message at the end of the article asking that readers refrain from posting comments that included expressions of hate, the comments section of the article was soon swamped with precisely such reactions, with readers writing of their “joy” at hearing of the disaster, and of their hatred of Jews.

Along with such sentiments were “traditional” antisemitic allegations, such as those accusing Jews of controlling the Polish government and of being behind all the “wars” and “persecution” in the world.

“Finally something bad is happening in Israel!” rejoiced one poster. “At last G-d is punishing this evil nation of thieves, criminals, and swindlers!”

“The less Jews there are, the better for the world,” wrote another Pole. “If only we could get such news every day,” wrote another.

Other comments sarcastically remarked that, “Israel is now trying to figure out which country to blame for the disaster,” and “funny how Iran isn’t being held responsible.”