Protesters displayed Israeli flag with swastikas in front of Toronto City Hall

- Protesters openly displayed Israeli flag with swastikas at Toronto’s City Hall.

Mayor John Tory has drawn that line.

“I strongly condemn any use of Nazi imagery and understand the profound hurt that can cause members of the Jewish community when it is directed at them,” Tory told the Toronto Sun on Monday.

Premier Doug Ford concurred, saying “this is extremely disturbing. All acts of antisemitism should be condemned. Discrimination or hatred of any kind against any community in our province is absolutely unacceptable.”

But Saturday’s anti-Israel rally event at Nathan Phillips Square, which saw violence break out between participants on both sides, featured some pro-Palestinian demonstrators using the horrific Nazi symbol to protest the bitter conflict between combatants in Hamas-controlled Gaza and Israel’s military.

Witnesses posted images to social media of a sign with a Swastika saying “Death to Israel” while there was another of an Israeli flag with Swastikas all over it.
Source: Toronto Sun