Rabbi says vandals threw bricks at 2 cars outside Hollywood home

Hollywood, FL
- A South Florida rabbi became the victim of a smash and dash after, he said, vandals threw bricks at two of his vehicles.

Rabbi Avraham Barash said the incident was the most upsetting start to the Sabbath since he moved into Hollywood home in 2005.

“Quite a while. Never seen anything like this,” he said. “We were shocked to see that all the windows were smashed from the two cars that were parked in front of our house.”

Barash said the person or people responsible took aim at outside his residence along Hill Drive, sometime Friday night.

“They threw bricks, over 10 bricks were thrown at the car, damaging the cars and windows,” he said. “My children were scared coming out of the house to see something like this.”

Barash said the family’s surveillance cameras weren’t working, so they have no idea who was responsible.

His license plate has a word familiar to Orthodox Jews, but he has no way of knowing whether that’s what motivated the vandal or vandals.

“It could be that we were targeted, but we don’t know,” he said. “It could be just teenagers or children coming by, wanting to have some fun and causing us all this damage.”

Barash has filed a report with Hollywood Police. While they work the case, he has a word of advice for parents.

“We should teach our children love and kindness, respect for our neighbor,” he said.

Source: wsvn