USA - Worshipers at synagogue threatened by men screaming antisemitic slurs

Brooklyn, NY
- Three young men spewed hateful threats to worshipers and damaged a car at a Brooklyn synagogue Saturday, “traumatizing” witnesses amid violence in the Middle East and New York.

The alleged agitators drove down 16th Ave in Borough Park yelling “Fuck the Jews,” “kill the Jews” and “free Palestine,” as worshipers gathered to pray at the Agudath Israel of Sixteenth Avenue Orthodox around 8 p.m., witnesses said.

One witness told The Post the men got out of the car and gave chase to him and two other Jewish people while screaming hateful threats.

When the men were locked out of the shul, they tore off the side mirror of a parked car. They then drove their car on 16th Av. and stopped to chase after three young Orthodox Jews who were walking on the sidewalk.

Source: Jewish press