USA - S.F. Chabad preschool vandalized with ‘Death to Israel’

San Francisco, CA
- Chabad of Noe Valley in San Francisco is bulking up security after discovering a hateful message scrawled near its front gate.

Preschool teachers arriving at the Jewish center the graffiti drawn in black ink, reading “Israil terror” and “Death to Israil.”

The Gan Noe Preschool brings about 30 children every weekday to the center. Its curriculum is guided by Jewish values, according to its website, encouraging “kindness, respect, compassion, confidence and responsibility.”

“It was very unsettling to think that someone would take out their rage on children,” said Rabbi Gedalia Potash, “and express themselves in such an unsettling way.”

The San Francisco Police Department is investigating the incident, Potash said, and the FBI was contacted. On Wednesday an SFPD spokesperson said the investigation remained open.

Source: jweekly