2020-2021 report on antisemitism discourse on social media

Not only was 2020 a pandemic year, Antidemitism Discourse on social media, according to a 2020-2021 report by the Fighting Online Antisemitism movement released Wednesday.

The movement, with the help of hundreds of volunteers from around the world, monitors and reports antisemitic content online and works to eradicate hate speech in different languages ​​and seven major social networks. It is the only organization in the world.

Their report summarizes content published worldwide over the last 12 months and focuses on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook as the top five media platforms.

The report shows that Twitter was the platform with the most antisemitic content, accounting for 36% of the total content, but perhaps surprisingly, TikTok was the last with only 2%.The· Middle East The best source of antisemitic content proved to be 30%, compared to 10% in Europe and 9% in the United States.

The report removed the general policy of censorship and blocking on social media platforms, as videos calling for the destruction of Israel, or videos featuring the destruction of the Israeli flag, are considered political opinions. It states that it was not done. Content that demands harm to hands or people has been removed.

Source: FOA