2020 Antisemitism report in Brandenburg

Last year, RIAS Brandenburg documented 141 antisemitic incidents. Four more incidents were reported to the reporting office compared to last year. With six antisemitic attacks, the extent of physical violence in Brandenburg remained constant compared to the previous year.

The number of threats slightly dropped to 18 cases 2020 vs 29 cases 2019. The same applies to the number of targeted property damage against Jewish institutions, memorials and memorials. There were 2020 13 cases here vs 17 cases 2019. The number of incidents hurtful behavior rose to 102 cases vs 82 cases 2019.

Peter Schüler, head of the antisemitism department, explains: "antisemitic incidents remain high in Brandenburg. Last year, we were particularly concerned about the spread of antisemitic conspiracy myths related to the coronavirus crisis, which are continuing to accompany us at the moment ".

For the year 2020, the coronavirus crisis caused restrictions on public life, but also a spread of conspiracy narratives and protests against state coronavirus measures on the streets. 19 antisemitic incidents relate to the corona crisis in 2020, 13 of them as part of gatherings.

" We're seeing an increase in antisemitic stereotypes and symbols, as well as comparisons and belittles of Nazism as a response to the measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic ", said Dorina Feldmann, employee of RIAS Brandenburg and the antisemitism department. " This tendency conceals the danger of normalizing hostilities towards Jews, Jewish institutions and those who are projected to normalize enemies such as politicians, the press or the police ".

With half the total share, the most common manifestations of antisemitism last year were post-schoa antisemitism, i.e. forms of antisemitism, which relate positively to Nazism and the defense of memory and antisemitic othering. For example, several incidents in January relate to the 75. th anniversary of the release of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The proportion of incidents that could be attributed to the manifestations of modern antisemitism increased from eight to just under 18 percent. Also, there was a sharp increase in Israel-related antisemitism incidents involving eleven incidents 2020 vs an incident 2019.

Much of the incidents of the entirety (31,9 %) are clearly to the far right or right-wing populist background. An increase in incidents could also be documented in the conspiracy ideological environment. Over half of all incidents (56,7 %) could not be clearly attributed to any political or philosophical background.