Ben & Jerry's stopped social media activity following antisemitism

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images 
Anyone who follows the social media accounts of famous US ice cream maker Ben&Jerry's has noticed that the accounts, which used to update on a daily basis, have gone nearly silent since May 18 of this year, when Israel was in the midst of Operation Guardian of the Walls.

While the company is not officially confirming the reports, chatter on the internet says that after the ice cream giant was targeted by anti-Israel users for its ties to Israel and the fact that it operates both a factory and sells its ice cream in areas considered disputed, the company decided to stay quiet on social media until the storm passed.

However, Ben&Jerry's silence appears to have fed the flames, and attacks on it and on Israel continue to gather steam.

One user whose account identifies her as "anti-Zionist" wrote that "Ben&Jerry's knows they can't go back to business as usual without addressing their involvement and investment in the settlements."

The user accused Israel of "colonialism and land theft."

Many users are even calling for a boycott of Ben&Jerry's, even though its Israeli operations are run by a franchisee and are not directly related to the US parent company.

Meanwhile, the company's Israeli social media account, which refrained from posting during the 11 days of the Gaza fighting, resumed its activity when the ceasefire took effect.

Source: Israel hayom