Canada - New bus shelter campaign confronts Jew hatred in Toronto

Advertising posters promoting “No Hate Against Jews” were mounted on 86 Toronto bus shelters June 21, a project of a new group, United Grassroots Movement.

The initiative is sponsored by the new Toronto-based group, formed to confront antisemitism. The group has organized two public rallies supporting Israel during the recent Israel-Hamas confrontation.

“The reason for the campaign is to bring awareness to the Toronto community that this is happening,” said United Grassroots founder Agnes Imani. “Why is every other group recognized and as Jews we’re never recognized even though antisemitism is one of the top hate crimes.”

The posters will appear on the sides of bus shelters across the city for the next month.

The group is encouraging people to post photos of themselves in front of the signs on social media and tag government officials.

Source: thecjn