Canada - Two kosher establishments vandalized in Montreal, two weeks apart

Montreal, QC
- A kosher bakery in Montreal was vandalized on Monday, with suspects attempting to light a fire after smashing through the window into the establishment.

Police have not yet begun investigating the incident at the Montreal Kosher Bakery as a hate crime, according to the Montreal Gazette.

However, within the same strip mall, another Jewish-owned restaurant, Chez Benny, was vandalized in similar fashion.

According to reports, police discovered a make-shift incendiary device on the premises of the vandalized bakery.

"There was minor damage caused to the bakery, only a window at this point that was broken," said Montreal Police Spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant, according to Montreal CTV News. ""I know for a fact two weeks ago, a couple of doors down, there was the same damage. At this point, I know the Benny [incident] is being treated as arson, not a hate crime."

"This one we are looking at is still arson because nothing leads to say it is a hate crime, no graffiti or anything that mentions hate against Jewish people," he said.

So far, no arrests have been made for either incident.

Source: jpost