Germany - Convicted antisemites will not be able to obtain German citizenship

In the fight against right-wing extremism, racism and antisemitism, the German Bundestag on the night of Friday, June 25, tightened a number of criminal laws. The distribution of the so-called “lists of enemies”, which contain personal data of persons objectionable to extremists, is classified as a criminal offense.

“We are resolutely fighting a climate of fear and intimidation propagated by hate propagandists,” said German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht, noting that Kassel politician Walter Lübcke was also on that list until he was killed by a right-wing extremist. …

The list of criminal acts includes messages of hatred directed directly to Jews, Muslims and other groups of people. Since such insults are not publicly expressed, in most cases they cannot be qualified as incitement to ethnic or racial hatred. To attract under an article of the Criminal Code, it is necessary that such an insult was directed against a specific person, the KNA agency notes.

Foreigners and stateless persons convicted under a criminal offense for antisemitic, racist or xenophobic acts will no longer be able to obtain a German passport. At the same time, the severity of the verdict does not matter.

Such misanthropic criminal acts are never a trifle, said Mathias Middelberg, an expert on internal politics of the CDU faction in the Bundestag. It was also decided to adjust the catalog of exam questions for obtaining German citizenship in order to identify antisemitic sentiments among applicants.

The distribution of propaganda materials and the use of flags of organizations listed as terrorist on the EU sanctions list will also be a criminal offense in the future. This measure, among other things, is designed to prevent the use of flags of the Palestinian radical organization Hamas at protests in Germany.