Germany - Several antisemitic graffiti in Neukölln

Neukölln, Berlin
- In several places in Neukölln, large-scale antisemitic graffiti were discovered.

In the past week, unknown people have installed large-scale anti-Semitic graffiti on Hermannstra ßee, a public toilet on Kranoldplatz and a red construction car on Fontanestra ßee. These showed a star of David in a white or transparent circle on a red background. The symbol resembled a swastik flag, in which the swastikas was replaced by a star of David.

“Cultural Apropriation” [sic] was written, translates to ′′cultural appropriation". The term usually refers to the acquisition of components of a culture or identity and is often used critically in postcolonial discourses. Here, the state of Israel was equated to national socialist Germany and compared the current Israeli politics to the policy of the nazis.

In addition, the star of David not only represents Israel, but is primarily a Jewish symbol that can stand independent of the state of Israel. Jews are therefore also hostile here, regardless of whether they identify with the state of Israel or not. Finally, the smear shops play a role in the stereotype of modern antisemitism, according to which Jewish women do not have their own cultural identity and acquire foreign cultural elements.

Source: RIAS Berlin