Poland - Antisemitic inscription at the railway ramp in Falenica

Photo Jacek Marczewski / Agencja Gazeta
Falenica, Warsaw - The handwritten inscription painted in red reads: "Jews - Jews prepared this fate" ("Żydzi – Żydom zgotowali ten los"). Underneath - a swastika and a star of David with an equal sign between them. It was painted on the warehouse building standing on the old railway ramp in Falenica, tucked between the tracks and ul. Patriots.

The inscription on the ramp is related to the antisemitic narrative about the "Holocaust enterprise", according to which the Jews in the ghetto had a fantastic time, then they themselves rushed into the carriages and were overseers in extermination camps.

The railway ramp in Falenica is a special place. On August 20, 1942, the Germans transported 6.5 thousand people to the gas chambers in Treblinka. prisoners of the Falenice ghetto. The same transport sent 1.5 thousand to their deaths. Jews from the ghetto in Rembertów , who had been brought here by the 15 km long "death march".