Study - Between acceptance and hostility. Antisemitism experiences of Jewish sports clubs in Germany

In organized sport in Germany there is undoubtedly a decidedly negative attitude towards antisemitic thought patterns and their explicit forms of expression. Many campaigns and statements confirm this. However, this cannot hide the antisemitic experiences expressed by Jewish sports clubs in Germany. Verbal and also physical antisemitic attacks are increasing in sport and especially in football. Campaigns and statements are a start. But many more initiatives are needed to show antisemitism an effective red card.

The study "Between acceptance and hostility. antisemitism experiences of Jewish sports clubs in Germany" ("Zwischen Akzeptanz und Anfeindung. Antisemitismuserfahrungen jüdischer Sportvereine in Deutschland") is therefore only the beginning of a long-term research project to make the dynamic phenomenon "antisemitism in sport" analytically tangible together with a broad alliance of network partners. Based on the knowledge gained, tailor-made intervention and educational prevention concepts will be developed in the future.

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